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This is the place for us to discuss whatever is on our minds that concerns the place of people with disabilities in the Jewish community. Please share your experiences, questions and thoughts. The moderators reserve the right to remove anything offensive, irrelevant or inappropriate, and, to make the discussion as fruitful as possible, we ask to you to be concise, friendly and open-minded. Thank you!



1. Yedida - November 25, 2010

Rabbi Dr. Benjamin Lau’s article, esp. the parts on the deaf and the blind, appear to be based directly on Tzvi C. Marx’s book. Rabbi Dr. Lau ought not to have plagiarized, and he ought to have credited Marx’s book.

2. Joel Portman - November 24, 2011

re Love, Davka – Jessica Sacks

I watched the film all the way through – a well-made and brave statement.
It reminded me of Joan Baez’s soliloquy of a similar nature. I don’t know if it is any consolation, but I guess many people find a lot of resonance with her conclusion, as expressed in the last few words of the song

(sorry, this is just an amateur cover)

3. Joel Portman - April 3, 2012

Anyone interested in the dating world of disabled people might want to look at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-17584953

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