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Links of the Month: Children, children, children – Chasiya Freilich July 28, 2010

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Camp Simcha

This charity is based in the UK and in America. They are there to help children who suffer from various illnesses. They provide activities for the summer. They take the kids on outings and they have a retreat once a year for families. Each summer they have a sleep-away camp in America with trained helpers for the kids and all sorts of activities.


This is a school in London  for children who are learning disabled. They also provide a number of other services, catering for the children’s needs at every stage.  They also have residential services and employment offices.  They have a print shop and a bicycle shop as well. The kids themselves work there. The money they raise goes to the organisation.

Chai Lifeline

This is a charity that helps families of children who are seriously ill in a number of ways. They try to bring joy into their lives.  They also educate people in the Jewish community to care and understand what these families go through. Chai Lifeline provides food for people in hospitals, and transportation for families.


This is a centre that helps with the advancement and rehabilitation of disabled children in Israel. They run a number of residential care homes for children with severe disabilities, providing them with the very best in care and education, and specially designed facilities for therapies and fun.


Links of the month: London, Jerusalem, Chicago – Chasiya Freilich June 22, 2010

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Jewish Deaf Association

They provide professional support, information and other social activities for deaf people and their families in the UK.

Yad Sarah

This is an Israeli based organization that provides services for people in Israel. They have various services which include helping children with disabilities after school, and lending medical equipment to people who need it. For this clients pay a deposit which goes to the charity.

The Chicago Center for Jewish Genetic Disorders

This organization is based in Chicago and their aim is to educate people in America about Jewish Genetic Disorders. They also provide screening programs. By making people aware of these disorders they hope to prevent these diseases from occurring.