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Jewish Dis/Ability Unite

Who are we? We are Jews. Some of us are religious, some of us are secular. We live in different countries across the world. Some of us have disabilities that profoundly effect our lives and choices. Some of us do not have what society defines as ‘disabilities’, and enjoy the kick-start that that gives us in our lives.

We are all part of the Jewish community, and care about the way that community looks. That means that we want it to give space, freedom and expression to everyone who is part of it. We want it to be a “light unto the nations,” and a light and support, adventure and homecoming, to every one of us as well.

This is why we are part of this forum. This is a place for everyone who cares about the Jewish community, whatever your abilities and disabilities, to participate in discussing and advancing equality and access for every Jewish person.

We want to make information, sources and discussions accessible to everyone. We want to advance a Jewish discussion of every aspect of life with disabilities in the community – practicality, activism, halakha, ethics, theology, psychology, sociology – from the many angles each of us come from.

We want to make heard the voices of people who are often silenced – silenced because they cannot live the same lives that others in the community live. Silenced, often, simply because the community has not made itself accessible to them. Silenced because the community was not listening.

We are here to listen. We are here to learn. We are here to unite. We are here to act.



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