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Home Again – Jessica Sacks October 12, 2010

Posted by jewishdisabilityunite in If you call this 'Normal'....

I’m just back from three weeks back in England, hence the long silence on the site. Every journey from my current home in Israel, to my past home, my other home, where my parents are, requires at least a couple of weeks’ preparation for me, and when I’m there, everything is different. It’s like going back in time. It makes me admire the heroism of anyone who is unable to make the physical break for independence that I have made, and who manages to carve a life and identity for herself while still living ‘at home’.

It occurred to me that when I fly to England I say ‘I’m going home’, and when I return to Jerusalem I say the same thing. The word ‘home’ has two translations into Hebrew: ‘bayit’, as in ‘this is my home’; or ‘habayta’ as in ‘I am going home; I am going to-home’. Perhaps many of us don’t really have a home; only a ‘to-home’. But a ‘to-home’ is still much better than nothing. We have an idea in our mind of that place where ‘normal’ is exactly what we are. Where we can sit down, and whatever we have or haven’t done – we are ok. Just ok. We can picture in our minds what that would be like. And then we can think how to build it.

Anyway – now I’ve come ‘home’, back to Jerusalem, and my friends here, and my work, and the cat. And back to the site! It was exciting to come back and find that people have been coming into the site while we’ve been away, and hopefully finding things they’ve been looking for here. Now Chasiya and I will be looking out for interesting writing on Judaism and disability, translating materials from Hebrew and seeking out the most useful, fascinating and unusual links we can find online. If you have anything to say or add or suggest – please write to us! As always – info@googlemail.com . Wishing you all a Good and Sweet New Year!



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